viernes, 20 de noviembre de 2015

The Space Pirate

Hello everyone.
Thi is my first character for my patreon: "The Space Pirate". 
If you want to see the process and more, you just need to support my work and you will receive some gifts by me smile emoticon
Thank you!

The Girl And Her Plants.

A demo for my students. 

Hey, si vives en latinoamerica y quieres aprender más sobre el diseño de personajes. 
En en enero del 2016 comenzaré un nuevo curso con el apoyo de la escuela  online Keyframe.
Anímate y comienza a crear tus propias y originales creaciones! 

A watercolor painting on my sketchbook!

Sketches - Ideas


The Partisans

miércoles, 11 de noviembre de 2015

I Have A Patreon.

Hello everyone 
Finally I have a Patreon. 
If you love my artwork, now you can support me and receive some gifs for you. Follow the next link and support a little more my work.

Thank you, and feel free to share the link. 

My idea with this ,is to create an interesting process. Starting from story and make some characters by groups. For example, the first characters are a tribe that has a goddess like a flower, and his Kingdom have small guards who protect the sacred flower. Now, I'm going to create those guards based on the idea of flower and their small bodies. 
Help me to create new   fantasy characters that you can see and study later.